Speaking Christian by Marcus J Borg

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I read Borgs new book “Speaking Christian”.

This is a great book about how we talk about the Christian experience and how that reflects on our theology. Throughout the book he discusses central Christian concepts like salvation, sin, repentance and mercy.

Borg’s thesis is that many of these words is problematic today because we have lost the ability to understand them. He also says that many uses of these words has been distorted in their “common” Christian usage and is not really founded in the biblical text.

For instance today salvation refers to an afterlife while the usage of the word in the Bible more often is about transformations in this current life.

It is easy to follow Mr. Borgs thoughts in the book and the reading is rewarding and fun. I can recommend this book to all who is willing to explore their beliefs.

There are a video about Mr. Borgs’ view about the bible and how we could interpret it, on the tube:


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