Inheritance of .class-files in the package explorer in a Domino application

September 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

We have had great problems with XPages in one of our applications.

We have an application that is based on a template. The XPages in the application calls java code that has been added to the package explorer in .java-files and jars.

We had determined that the problem somehow had to do with the signing of the design elements (we mostly got error like ‘sessionAsSigner not found’), but we could not really understand what happened. But now we have learned that the complied .class files in an application is by default set to disallow inheritance. This means that the production database did not inherent the updated .class-files from the template. This then led to the signing problem. So I think that the thing to do is first update and sign the template. Then clean (without build) the production appplication. Thirdly you should inherent the template and then build the producgtion application. And finally sign the production db with the same ID as the template (haven’t tested yet but it seems right).


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§ 2 Responses to Inheritance of .class-files in the package explorer in a Domino application

  • Mark Leusink says:

    As far as I know for sessionAsSigner calls to work at all, all design elements need to be signed with the same ID. Which is pretty annoying by the way if you’re working with multiple developers on the same application…

    • javakingen says:

      That is my understanding also. And as the “good old” Domino design elements does not work like that (for example developer A could have signed agent X and developer B could have signed script library Y that is used by A and it would still work) it is, as you say, really annoying.

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