Ubuntu 10.04 and Juniper VPN

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

As i try to run some Ubuntu now that I am taking a Linux programming course I had to get the Juniper VPN up and running so that I can connect securely to the computers at work.

First I had to uninstall OpenJDK and install the standard Sun/Oracle Java as the latter seems to be required to get Juniper to work.

The easiest way to both uninstall the OpenJDK and install the Sun Java is to open the Ubuntu Software Center (found in the Applications menu). First make sure that you have the partner software repository selected (found in Edit -> Software Sources -> Other Software):


Make sure the partner software repository is checked


When you have uninstalled OpenJDK and activated the other software sources it is only to install the Sun Java. I installed the following components:


Sun Java components to install (those with green checkmarks)


Then there is the problem with Juniper itself. To automatically install you must run as root (not just sudo). You don’t normally do that in Ubuntu. I found a site that contains instructions and an installation script so that you can install Juniper properly.

Mad Scientist’s site about “Using Juniper Network Connect on Ubuntu”

First connect to your Juniper VPN web address and make sure everyting downloads (if you have problem clear caches and history in your web browser). Then run the script from the site. This should install Juniper properly. After the installation I don’t use the script, as I can connect directly via the web site.

It is also wise to review your iptables configurations if you have problems. I had some rules that hindered the use of my companies DNS-servers through the VPN.


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